Newsletter March 25-31, 2024


Newsletter March 25-31, 2024

                         Fairview Newsletter 

                           March 25-31, 2024

Birthdays March: Mary Beth 4, Jay 5, Don 16, Patrick 17, Martha 18

Employees: April 18, Ethan 19, Nancy 20, Gwen 26    

Weather: Sunrise:7:53a Sunset: 7:50p 

Mon-Rain, high of 60           Fri-Sun, high of 50

Tue-Rain, high of 62             Sat-Clouds, high of 53

Wed-Clouds, high of 43.      Sun-  Clouds, high of 48

Thur-Sun, high of 47

Today’s News: 

We still have a few cool days this week, but I have heard from a few weather sources that they believe the frost is behind us.  This is good news for all those people getting ready to put in their gardens.  I have been getting my seeds organized.

As we enter into Holy week, it is essential that each of us see the journey of Christ as our own calling in life.  We must sacrifice all for the glory of God.  Reflect on the events we will commemorate, share in them as a live participation, and strive to see the ways that God is calling you to glory.

There will be many opportunities for us to gather this week in the Holiest week of the year, and pray together as God has asked of us.  Watch the daily schedule and please know all are welcome to any and all events.

.Today’s prayer

Lord, look at me, accept my prayer as you accepted Peter’s prayer, and let me not run away from you in the night as Judas did. Bless me, Lord, in this Holy Week, and give me the grace to know your loving presence more intimately. Amen.

Monday March 25.         

8am. Salon with Vivian
10am Church 
10:15am Exercise with Christopher

11:30am Lunch 

Italian sub sandwich, Joseph’s chicken and rice soup, cookie

1pm Craft in the Grand Hall

4pm Dinner 

Irish stew or Chicken stew with cheddar bay biscuit

Dessert:  Apple Spice Cake

Tuesday March 26. Happy Birthday Gwen 🎈

10:15am Exercise in the rec room with staff
11:30am Lunch
Cream of Chicken and Broccoli soup, Tuna melt, cookie

12:30p Bingo

4pm Dinner:

 Ravioli with vodka sauce, stuffed green peppers 

Dessert: Carrot cake blondies

Wednesday March 27

10:15am Exercise with Christopher
11:30 Lunch
Chicken noodle soup with bacon, onion, and tomato quiche, cookie

2pm music with JimHerrman in the Auditorium

4pm Dinner Mary Simmon on Piano
Beef pot roast with carrots, and potatoes, or Tuna casserole 

 Dessert:  Banana Nutella Cake

Thursday March 28 Maundy Thursday

10:15am exercise with Chris
LUNCH 11:30AM Lunch
Vegetable beef soup, ham and cheese croissant, cookie

12:30 Rosary in the parlor along with our Maundy Thursday Prayer

1pm Uno in the Grand Hall

4pm Dinner

Beef and Broccoli, or Chicken and rice casserole with water chestnuts and French green beans

Dessert: Almond sheet cake

5pm Ed Young in the Grand Hall

FRIDAY March 29. Good Friday

8am Salon with Vivian
10am. Prayers of Good Friday and Veneration of the Cross 

10:15am Exercise with Christopher
11:30 am LUNCH
Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich, dessert
12:30pm bingo in the Grand Hall
1pm Coloring in the memory care dining room

Stuffed Perogies with sour cream and chives sauce, or salmon croquette with aole and hippee hash

Dessert: Blueberry Pie

Saturday March 30 Holy Saturday

Lunch 11:30am 

Sloppy joe with potato salad, cookie

1pm Movie in the auditorium (Easter Parade)

Dinner 4pm 

Spaghetti with meat sauce or chicken parm with garlic bread

Dessert: Cheesecake

SUNDAY March 31  ✝️ Easter ✝️

10am Easter service in the Auditorium
11 am Lunch
Soup of the day, pizza, cookie

3pm Dinner 

Turkey or Spiral Ham with mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole

Dessert: Strawberry layer cake  

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