Newsletter Sept 18-24, 2023


Newsletter Sept 18-24, 2023

Birthdays September: Mary D. 20, Joyce 24, Anita 28

Employees: Kay 1, Joseph 7, Baily 9, Rose 25, Tina 29

Weather:  Sunrise: 6:35am   Sunset: 8:55p

Mon–Sun, high of 70      Fri-Clouds, high of 81

Tue-Sun-high of 76          Sat-Clouds, high of 80

Wed- Sun, high of 84       Sun-Sun, high of 79

Thur-Sun, high of 81

Today’s News:   


When people are asked what they love most about Michigan, one of the leading answers is Fall. We are blessed with some of the most amazing colors ever displayed.  This fall will be no exception!  We have truly been blessed with some of the best weather we have seen in a while. This is despite the tornados and flooding we have seen this year.                                                                                                                                                                                


This Monday we have Ed Young back to serenade us with his version of some of our old favorites, along with some of his own original songs.  Thursday Jack and Tess will be here with their humor and music which is bound to get people up on the dance floor.

Next Monday I will be back with a new art trend that is making it’s way on to Tik Tok.  We will be taking old paintings and adding some spooky Halloween art. If anyone has some old pictures at home that are sitting in a closet or storage, and you wish to donate them, please bring them into Fairview and leave them with the front desk.  

This week’s Prayer:

God of wisdom and understanding, as this month heralds the changing colors of nature and shifts in weather, let it also be a season of spiritual renewal in our lives. In the midst of busy schedules and new challenges that often come with this month, may we not neglect our relationship with You. Strengthen our resolve to seek You diligently, setting aside time for prayer, meditation on Your Word, and fellowship with other believers. Amen

Monday Sept 18

8am. Salon with Vivian

10am Church  

10:15am Exercise in the rec room with Staff

11:30am Lunch

Monday Lunch: 

Chicken noodle soup with egg salad sandwiches

1pm Music in the grand Hall with Ed Young

4pm Dinner 

Beef, cabbage and hoisin stir fry or Chicken marsala with mashed potatoes and veggie 

Dessert: Peanut butter sheet cake.  

Tuesday Sept 19

10:15am Exercise in the rec room with staff 

11:30am Lunch

Chicken salad or beef and cabbage soup, cookie

 12:30pm Bingo 

4pm Dinner

Beef and noodles or grilled chicken penne with sliced tomatoes and garlic bread

Dessert: Cherry cheesecake bar 

Wednesday Sept 20

10:15am Exercise with Christopher

11:30 Lunch 

Butternut squash soup with ham and cheese panini, dessert

2pm Fr. Jim for Mass in The Auditorium

4pm Dinner

Spanish rice or chicken strips mashed potatoes and gravy, veggie

Dessert: Banana Nutella cake

Thursday Sept 21

10:15am exercise with Chris

LUNCH 11:30AM Lunch

Pasta fajioli soup with pigs in a blanket, dessert

12:30 Rosary in the parlor 

1pm Uno in the Grand hall 

4pm Dinner

Meatloaf or Salmon patties with macaroni and cheese and veggie

 Dessert: Apple pie

5pm Jack and Tess in The Grand hall

FRIDAY Sept 22

8am Salon with Vivian

10am Communion 

10:15am Exercise with Christopher

11:30 am LUNCH                         

Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich, dessert

12:30pm bingo in the Grand hall 

1pm Coloring in the memory care dining room 


Beer battered fish or BBQ ribs  with roasted potatoes, veggie

Dessert: Brownie a la mode

    Saturday Sept 23

Lunch 11:30am

Tuna salad slider with chicken vegetable soup, dessert

1pm Movie in the auditorium 

Dinner 4pm

Ham and boiled dinner or Chicken and cranberry with wild rice

Dessert: Strawberry Rhubarb crisp with heavy cream

SUNDAY Sept 24

10am Church service in the Auditorium 

11:30 am Lunch

Soup of The day, pizza, cookie

4pm Dinner Merry at the piano

Salisbury Meatballs  with mashed potatoes or Chicken bacon ranch casserole, veggie

Dessert:  Blueberry pie bar

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