Newsletter February 12-18, 2024


Newsletter February 12-18, 2024


February: Nancy 19, Eileen 21, Judy Garchow 25

Employees: Sue 3, Angie 6, Rachel 8, Wendy 9, Key 15, Liz 28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Weather: Sunrise:7:43 Sunset: 6p 

Mon-Clouds, high of 38.             Fri- Rain, high of 33

Tue-Sun, high of 33                     Sat-Sun, high of 30

Wed- Clouds, high of 36             Sun-Sun, high of 32

Thur-Partly sun, high of 34

Today’s News: 

We did not have much of that sun that was first predicted last week.  This week currently is calling for some sun, with temperatures dropping back down to what you might expect at this time of year.

We celebrate Valentine’s day this week, but it falls on the first day of Lent.  So, if you are giving up chocolate for Lent you may have to wait until Sunday to enjoy the treats you receive on the holiday.  This will put your faith to the test!  

The Band and I will be performing Thursday evening.  We have not been able to play together since early December, so we are looking forward to this opportunity to create beautiful music together.  The show is at 5pm on the 15th in the Grand Hall.  

.Today’s prayer

Lord God, during this Holy Week, you invite us into a time of conversion and reflection upon our relationship with you and with others. Our caring for others is a great joy, but also a grave responsibility. We ask you to draw near and be with us in our conversations with one another.  May we come to a deeper understanding of the common good of all creation. Deepen our appreciation for both human dignity and human limits. Guide us to see and respond to others needs. We ask this in Jesus name Amen

Monday Feb 12        

8am. Salon 
10am Church 
10:15am Exercise with staff 

11:30am Lunch 

Turkey and dressing soup with tomato basil flat bread, cookie

1pm Music in the Grand Hall (Marty Noss)

4pm Dinner 

Beef pot pie or Italian baked chicken mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies

Dessert:  Chocolate eclairs

Tuesday Feb 13 Fat Tuesday

10:15am Exercise in the rec room with staff
11:30am Lunch
Grilled Turkey and Swiss, Cream of Broccoli soup, cookie

12:30p Bingo

4pm Dinner:

Goulash or Chicken parm with noodles, veggies, garlic bread

Dessert: Cannoli cake

Wednesday Feb 14 Happy Valentines ❤️

First day of LENT (Ash Wednesday)

10:15am Exercise with Staff
11:30 Lunch
Vegetable soup with egg salad sandwich, cookie

12pm distribution of ashes 

4pm Dinner Mary Simmon on Piano
Meatloaf or Fish sandwich roasted potatoes, veggie

 Dessert:  red velvet cupcakes

Thursday Feb 15 Happy Birthday Key 🎈

10:15am exercise with Chris
LUNCH 11:30AM Lunch
Italian wedding soup with ham, tomato and feta quiche , cookie

12:30 Rosary in the parlor

1pm Uno in the Grand Hall

4pm Dinner

Shepherds pie or chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes

Dessert: Layered Lemon cream pie

5pm Music in the Grand Hall (Barb and the Band)

8am Salon with Vivian
10am Communion 

10:15am Exercise with Christopher(he’s back!)
11:30 am LUNCH
Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich, dessert
12:30pm bingo in the Grand Hall
1pm Coloring in the memory care dining room

Seafood enchiladas, or southwestern beef and rice skillet, with stuffed mexican cornbread

Dessert: tres leche cake

Saturday Feb 17

Lunch 11:30am 

Chicken noodle soup and Ham and cheese slider, cookie

1pm Movie in the auditorium 

Dinner 4pm 

Sausage and penne with a vodka sauce or fried chicken with mashed potatoes and country gravy, veggie

Dessert: Chocolate cream pie


10am Church service in the Auditorium
11:30 am Lunch
Soup of the day, pizza, cookie 

4pm Dinner 

Ham and potato skillet with sausage gravy, or Pork marsala with mashed potatoes and gravy and veggie

Dessert: Almond cupcakes 

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